Thursday, August 16, 2007

Six Months To Go

Six months from today Dee and I will be getting married. It will be our third anniversary.

Immediately after the engagement, we scheduled the church and the reception hall. Since then Dee has picked out the bridesmaids dresses and found her dress as well. Of course, we've picked and asked all of the wedding party. Now we have to buckle down and really start getting into the rest of the planning. I have been tasked with scheduling the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon. My original hook up for the honeymoon looks like it is going to fall through, so I'll have to branch out and schedule it just like the common folk. Having a rehearsal dinner in the city is looking to be quite pricey. We originally wanted to go to a tapas place, but it looks like it's going to be more than we really want to spend. Dee has suggested pizza and beer as a possibility, but I'm not sold on the idea. I've never been to a rehearsal dinner like that before.

Last night we worked on figuring out what will be on the website. We have the basic idea for the site, I just need to gather the content before I send it off to our web designer. I think we have to start going to food tastings soon, but I'm not sure - that's on Dee's list.

One thing that Dee didn't put on my list is finding tuxedos for the groomsmen. I'm going to assume that's my job.

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