Monday, August 06, 2007

The Weekend

After my battles with Best Buy and our new TV that doesn't work, Dee and I woke up at the ass crack of dawn on Friday to take a little road trip down to Peoria for her friend's wedding. We stopped briefly in the 'burbs to pick up Dee's friend's sister and then pushed right on through to P-town (as the locals called it).

We got to the hotel just in time for Dee to meet up with the girls for their day of manicures and such and I caught the rest of my foursome heading out to the golf course. I hopped a ride with them. We had a little trouble finding the golf course since the directions weren't very good and they decided to put the clubhouse underground so you can't see it from the road. We eventually teed off and started the longest round of golf in the history of man. We took just over six hours to play 18 holes. By the end I was completely wiped out due to the heat (it was over 90 degrees all day) but starting to hit some decent shots (this was only my third time on a golf course). Every time I golf, I am completely frustrated but can see how the game is addictive. I need to get on horn to my brother and see if he's got some old clubs I can steal from him.

Once we finally finished our marathon round of golf, we stopped in the clubhouse for a beer and then headed back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner was your typical rehearsal dinner and I spent most of the time nursing one beer. Some people went out afterwards, but I headed back to the hotel and was out like a light.

Dee had to wake up early on Saturday to get her hair done, but I was able to sleep in. I got up around 11am and decided to walk around downtown Peoria to find something to eat. It was like a ghost town. There were very few places to eat and the ones I did find weren't open. I gave up looking for food and was heading back to the hotel to order room service when I stumbled upon a place that was just opening up (at noon!). The one guy behind the counter was nice enough to make me a sandwich. He was the only other human I saw all afternoon. I saw plenty of tumbleweeds, though.

Once I had finished foraging for food in downtown Peoria, I had just enough time to get back to the hotel to clean up and throw on my suit. I caught a ride to the church and found a seat on the bride's side. The wedding was nice and your typical Catholic wedding. The only hitch was when the reader of the Psalm read the Prayers of the Faithful instead. However, the lady who was to actually read the Prayers of the Faithful improvised by writing down some new prayers on the back of her program so that we didn't have to hear the same thing twice. Very nicely done.

We had some time to kill before the reception started, and we used the bars in the area to fill that time. I had a couple of drinks and schmoozed with some of the people who arrived late on Friday. It was mostly the boyfriends and fiancees of the bridesmaids. A good crowd of people to help you kill time.

The reception hall was very large and very nice. It was in the Peoria Civic Center. Dinner was good, not remarkable, but not terrible. Unfortunately, the DJ didn't have a good feel for the crowd and was very hit or miss all night. Mostly miss. The reception went very late and everyone got very drunk. After the reception, most everyone went to Big Al's - a strip club. Dee and I only stayed for about a half hour before the sadness overwhelmed us and we went back to the hotel to crash.

Waking up on Sunday morning was not easy, but we managed to do it. Since we were close to Bloomington-Normal, Dee wanted to show me where she spent her college years. We coordinated with Kathleen who wanted to show her boyfriend around as well. The plan was to go to The Pub and get some lunch. They are supposed to have the best "cheese balls" in the world. Unfortunately, The Pub doesn't open until 4pm during the summer so we had to settle for Chili's instead. I managed to put down a few fries and about half of my burger before I needed to stop eating. Then we hopped in the car and made the long drive back to Chicago. Thankfully, Dee was up for driving. She's the best.

As soon as we got home, we settled in for a nap. We woke up around 8pm, put a pizza in the oven and settled down to watch our Sunday shows (The 4400, Entourage, Flight of the Conchords) on our new TV. Wait, our new TV doesn't work. We watched on our regular TV. Ugh. Welcome home.

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