Saturday, September 01, 2007


Today is the day. The Irish kick off against Georgia Tech today. We'll get to see who the new starter is at QB (looks like it's going to be Demetrius Jones). I was very close to getting tickets for today's game, but it didn't work out so I'll be watching the game here at home.

Right now Dee and I are watching Michigan getting beat by Appalachian St. As much as I love to see Michigan get beat, I'm torn on them losing right away. I'd rather they wait to lose until Dee and I make our way to the Big House to see the Irish take them out.

I think that I may be more excited about the Irish this season than I was last year. Somehow, I knew the Irish wouldn't live up to the expectations last season. This year the Irish aren't expected to do anything because all of their big stars graduated and they'll be relying on a bunch of youngsters. However, I like the new bunch of guys and the new defensive coordinator's attitude. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Go Irish!

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