Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Thoughts

A day off work is always a good thing.

The beating the Irish took makes it a lot harder to enjoy the Michigan upset.

I took the Chicago Architectural Tour today. Pretty cool.

I forgot to bring my camera. Not cool.

Watched a lot of tennis this weekend. Great match between Haas and Blake.

Charlie is the first to take responsibility for ND's losses. At some point we're going to have to start calling him on it.

Navy Pier is strange, strange place.

I have new workout clothes.

I'm ready for the weather to cool off.

Man, the Irish stunk.

At least the Colts Super Bowl title defense begins on Thursday.

My gas bill is due in a few days.

For being out in the sun a lot, I managed to avoid a sunburn.

Monsters, Inc. is a great movie.

Hearing about the Chicago River really makes you want to stay far away from the water there.

Dee is currently watching the Justin Timberlake special on HBO right now.

I'm going to go into the bedroom and play NCAA Football '08 - where the Irish are actually good.


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