Monday, September 10, 2007

The Weekend

On Friday I left work early so that Dee and I could travel down to Bloomington, Indiana for a wedding. Strangely, the wedding wasn't for one of my friends or family, but for one of Dee's former co-workers. Dee swung down to my office to pick me up around 1pm and we headed off to Bloomington. After hitting some rush hour traffic around Indianapolis, we arrived around 6pm.

We checked into the hotel on the campus of Indiana University - the Indiana Memorial Union. According to my father, it is a tough place to get a room. Probably because it's right in the middle of campus. We got settled and set out to find some dinner. We took a short walk to the nearest strip of bars and found a place called Nick's. After a tasty mix of chicken quesadillas, chicken fingers and a huge bucket of fries we headed upstairs to meet the wedding party who decided to have a few drinks after the rehearsal. We said hello and quickly went back to the hotel because we were dead ass tired.

On Saturday we got up around 10am and went for a run around the campus. Indiana University has a beautiful campus. It also has an inordinate number of red vehicles. I was also shocked at the number of student-aged individuals I saw wearing a shirt, hat, jersey or some other article of clothing that promoted another university. That never happened at Notre Dame. In fact, I know people who would give you a pretty serious tongue-lashing for wearing any type of non-ND university clothing. Of course, those guys were pretty intense and we made fun of them for the ridiculous things they would hand out tongue-lashings for.

ANYWAY, we did some other things and then got ready for the wedding. The wedding was pretty much like any other wedding you've been to. Two people got married. One of them wore a white dress. The usual. The reception was in a very nice and very old university-ish looking room. We sat down at our table and got acquainted with our table-mates. I quickly learned that one of the guys at the table was a huge Michigan fan. Once he found out I went to Notre Dame, he immediately began talking trash about Tom Zbikowski and the rest of the Irish - but mostly Zbikowski. I respectfully disagreed thinking that my unwillingness to talk trash at the dinner table would end the conversation. It did not. He continued to take mean-spirited jabs and me and the Irish for the rest of the night. Even after I informed him that Michigan was down 32-7 at halftime. I tried my best to not engage him in conversation of any kind, but he insisted on causing trouble with just about anyone because he was so miserable. In a number a separate conversations, the rest of the table agreed with me that this guy was a huge jackass.

Once the music started, he pretty much disappeared and I busied myself by dancing with fun people - such as my fiancée. The DJ was good - even if he didn't fill our request for "Beat It" - and the reception was fun. Afterwards we went back to Nick's and played a game that I'm going to assume originated there. It's called Sink the Biz. Basically, they give you a bucket of beer and a large shot glass. You float the shot glass in the bucket and everyone takes turns pouring beer from their cup into the shot glass. The person who manages to sink the glass has to remove the glass from the bucket and drink it. Then the process starts over again. Good times. After a few rounds Dee and I decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel to get some shuteye.

Dee and I slept in and then drove back home. I watched most of the Bears game. Good luck winning the Super Bowl with Grossman, fellas. Yikes. I discovered that our bedroom TV was broken, typed a blog that overused the f-word and went to bed.

Next week we head off to Ann Arbor for the ND-Michigan game.

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