Monday, October 15, 2007

Baseball and Technology

I tuned in to Fox at 8pm CDT tonight expecting to see Prison Break. Unfortunately, I found the Red Sox-Indians baseball game. Did someone forget to tell these guys it's football season? Why are they still playing? Seriously. Didn't they start playing in April? Time to hang it up, fellas.

Anyway, I didn't change the channel because the other television option is Laming with the Lames (Dancing with the Stars). So I caught pieces of the game as I was folding my laundry and saw the manager of one of the teams come out and argue a call. While he was arguing with the ump, they showed the replay of the play and it was clear that the runner was safe. This led me to wonder why baseball hasn't yet instituted the use of instant replay review on close calls. Why hasn't this happened yet? (Aside from the fact that baseball is run by a bunch of idiots. See: Steroids, everyone.) I can't think of any arguments against it. First, you get all of your calls right. Second, it will have absolutely zero effect on the pace of the game since baseball is the slowest game in the world. If you try to argue that it will destroy the purity of the game, you are insinuating that there is still some purity left. Steroids, remember?

Once again, I'm smarter than baseball.

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  1. I took Tuesday off b/c I had the flu. So after a miserable day laying in bed, I felt healthy enough to watch House....alas Sox vs. Indians. I proceeded to bathroom to vomit...not b/c of the flu...but out of pure disdain for baseball.