Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Semi-Random Thoughts on Notre Dame Football

In no particular order:

1) I know I'm fooling myself when I think that an upset this weekend is possible, but I just can't help it.

2) I don't care who plays quarterback for the Irish so long as the guy on the field gives us the best chance to win that day.

3) No matter the outcome against USC this Saturday, Charlie absolutely has to win the next four games to keep people from calling for his head.

4) Even if they lose one of the last four games Charlie won't be fired.

5) I don't think any of the transfers that have happened this season are cause for alarm. In fact, I think it's a sign of a healthy program that talented players are leaving because they can't beat out other talented players. Look at USC the past few years. It happens all the time.

6) I hope James Aldridge isn't injury prone. He had a knee injury last year and now has a high-ankle sprain.

7) More Robert Hughes, please.

8) Robert Hughes sounds like he should be one of those old-timey southern blues guys who played with Leadbelly.

9) Charlie has very little margin for error with his recruiting classes. Given the poor performance of the team this year, we can't expect the team to be great next year - only better. In order to be competing for a National Championship two years from now he need to have almost every last one of his highly-touted recruits live up to their potential and get a few guys who exceed expectations. Otherwise, he'll be looking for a job.

10) Next year's schedule will be a refreshing change from this year's.

11) I bet I still won't get any tickets in the Alumni Lottery.

12) I hope the young guys are learning from Trevor Laws and Pat Kuntz. These guys don't know how to quit and play their butts off on every down. Talent will win you the easy games but you need heart to be a champion.

13) I'm starting to sound like Lou Holtz.

14) Have I mentioned that I love Lou Holtz?

15) It's encouraging to see that Charlie is learning from his mistakes. This team will be more prepared for the opening game next year.

16) I think Duval Kamara is going to be very good.

17) I worry about Darrin Walls. He has flashes of brilliance, but teams are obviously picking on him. Hopefully this will only make him better.

18) Kerry Neal and Brian Smith (both Freshmen) are going to be studs.

19) I do not condone the wearing of the green jerseys this Saturday. Even if it wasn't predetermined by Adidas that they would be worn in honor of the 1977 team that beat USC, the green jerseys should be nowhere near this game.

20) By no means does that mean that I don't think we can beat USC.

21) In fact, I'm predicting an upset.

22) No, I'm not.

23) I'm a big fan of guys over at The Blue-Gray Sky but I'm embarrassed by their pre-season predictions.

24) Regardless, The Blue-Gray Sky is required reading for ND fans.

25) Go Irish!

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