Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Catch They Took Away

First of all, I know I owe you a story about Eric. That's coming soon. I'll also post about my thoughts on the entire Notre Dame season as well. However, there is a more pressing issue I'd like to address.

Last Saturday during the Notre Dame-Stanford game, David Grimes made an incredible catch in the end zone that appeared to put the Irish up 20-14. However, the replay booth took a look at the film, overturned the call and took away the touchdown. Things like this happen all the time in college (and pro) football and replay is there to help the referees get it right. In this case, they got it wrong.

In college football the call that is made on the field is the baseline from which you review a play. In this case, the pass was ruled complete and because it happened in the end zone, a touchdown. In order for the call to be overturned by replay, the replay official must see indisputable evidence that the on-field call was incorrect. In this case, Grimes' catch. Indisputable. The replay officials only have access to the shots by the cameras televising the game and, as you can see below, there is no indisputable evidence that Grimes did not catch the ball. Watch the clip. Even the announcers are convinced that it's a catch. And those announcers are terrible - trust me, I watched the whole game.

Did you see it? Did you see the indisputable evidence? No, you didn't. There isn't any indisputable evidence. The kid was robbed. The team was robbed. The Notre Dame fans were robbed. Want proof?

Look closely. You see that little gray thing covering the point of the ball? That's his little finger. That's what hit the ground, not the ball. Therefore, touchdown. The official in the booth could see nothing to prove that the ball hit the ground and should never have overturned the play because he did not have sufficient evidence. He did not have this photo. By making a guess - which he is not allowed to do - he robbed David Grimes of the best catch of his career and the Irish of a touchdown. This officiating crew needs to be reprimanded for this error.

I have no idea if the officials at Notre Dame have lodged a complaint, but I sure hope they have. Sure, we still won the game, but this is just another incident in a long line of incidents like this that happen when Notre Dame travels to the west coast to play USC and Stanford. Plus, Notre Dame needs to stand up for its students when they are wronged by someone outside of the University.

Touchdown, Grimes!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sean Kelley

It seems fitting that the person who started this whole "I'll post a story about you" thing is the first person to get a story.

I first met Sean Kelley when we were both placed on the same Playground Incubator team, Space Robbers. Sean was new to the Chicago improv scene; I had already been performing in the area for about four years. I was finishing up with classes at iO and he was just getting started. In the early rehearsals for the Robbers he was the quiet guy who typically played low energy characters and let other people lead the scenes. By the end of my time with the Space Robbers, he had completely evolved into one of the best improvisers I know. He is not afraid to play any character or take any chance. Every time I played with him I felt like I saw him do something new each time.

My favorite Sean Kelley moments came just before we went on to do a Robbers show. We used to do a warm-up where someone would start with a character, movement and line and pass it to someone in the circle by walking over to that person. Each person would then have to take that same character, movement and line and amp it up to the next level until it could no longer be amped up any more. Every time it was Sean's turn to amp up the character, he would absolutely blow everyone out of the water with how far he could take the character. It killed and amazed me every time. Man, that kid is good.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

NFL Network

I'm watching the Colts-Falcons game on the NFL Network right now. Aside from the fact that the Colts look like crap right now, this has been the worst production of a football game I've ever seen. Bryant Gumbel is calling play-by-play and has already mispronounced two player names and misidentified a couple others. Plus, the camera work has been terrible. On an early running play for the Falcons, the camera lagged behind then continued past the play only to jerk back. Later the cameras were still focused on a close-up of a Falcons linebacker as the play started and we only caught the very end of the play. Add to all of this that a good portion of the nation can't get the NFL Network and you've got a poorly run television station.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Celebrate by dressing up like a slutty turkey.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Updates and Random Thoughts

Unfortunately, this blog has devolved into periodic updates and random thoughts. I don't really have any excuse. I just haven't set any goals for posting on here for a while. I guess you six readers will have to just deal with it for now.

Hang on, I just had an idea. A couple ideas and neither one is original. However, they may just help me get back on the blogging horse. I know that there are at least three people who consistently read this (Dee is not one of those people) so I want you to tell me what you want me to write about. It can be anything. Anything. Also, I'll borrow Sean's idea and write a story (true or fictional, but probably true) about you right here on this blog. Apologies to Sean, but I need a kick in the butt. Help me out, folks. Put your ideas in the comments.

Now for the random updates:
1) Irish win! Irish win! Irish win!

2) I should never be this happy about a Notre Dame win over Duke on the gridiron. Unfortunately, this is how low this team has sunk. A win over Stanford and we win the Highest Player Graduation Rate Trophy for Division I football.

3) The Colts have looked bad the past couple weeks. The injuries aren't helping. Neither is the fact that Adam Vinatieri has Vanderjagt Disease all of the sudden. Note: I'm not blaming the injuries and Vinatieri for the losses, but they're the easiest to pick on.

4) Except for Aaron Moorehead. Man, that guy looks lost out there.

5) Remember when I asked for more Robert Hughes? Well, we got him on Saturday and he looked good.

6) Dee absolutely loves the commercial for T Mobile (I think) where the guy keeps interrupting the store employee by saying, "Smart, smart, so smart." She says that all the time now. In fact, I find ways to say "smart" so that she can do her bit.

7) Remember a year ago when all of the cell phone commercials were crappy and stupid? Now there are at least three to four good ones out there. The best has to be the one where the butcher calls up to order meat and the other guy tells him they're out and he responds with, "What, did your wife eat all of it for breakfast?" Then the call drops and they cut back to the butcher trying to talk his way out of it. Fantastically awkward.

8) pH had its five year anniversary party last Monday (the 12th) and it went really well. We had a good crowd and the shows went really well. I gave a little speech about our place in the improv community and thanked the people who helped us. I was also slated to perform the dances from the three sketch shows that we've done, but I pulled my groin the Saturday before and was unable to dance. That sucked. I was really looking forward to doing that. However, the party still rocked.

9) I pulled my groin playing touch football. pH got involved in a theater touch football league and I volunteered to play. I hadn't played football in a long time and was worried about being rusty. I was a little rusty, but found my game again pretty quickly and made some nice plays before I very painfully pulled my groin while playing defense. Man, that hurts. I'm still healing.

10) Dee and I took a dance lesson last night. We learned a few steps and spins and the instructor seemed really impressed at how quickly we picked it up. We're due for another one in January.

11) I got a kinda promotion at work. I was moved from one team to another and the way I was told and the announcement made it sound like a promotion, but I didn't get a raise or anything. I have a new boss, a new job title and a window seat. So, there's that.

12) I think part of the reason that I haven't been blogging much is because I have been in a creative rut. I haven't written anything funny in a long time - since Jerkology.

13) A pretty girl winked at me on the train on Monday. I still got it, folks.

14) I really like bread pudding.

15) Dee and I had our wedding shower on Saturday. We got a ton of shit. Mostly kitchen stuff which we desperately need. I'm excited about it. I want to start cooking with it. Maybe I'll make bread pudding. I hear it's pretty easy.

16) It just feels way too early to get into the Presidential election. I just can't stomach it right now.

17) I'm pretty sure I have extra powerful flavor absorption abilities. I can't chew gum for more than ten minutes before I need to throw it out because all the flavor is gone. This is with any kind of gum.

18) Jeff: How are you feeling?
Dee: Did you eat pepperoni ice cream?

19) My groin still hurts. I'm beginning to worry about a tear.

20) I failed miserably at the RedEye crossword today. That makes me feel stupid.

21) I started this post at 11:38am and it is now 9:57pm, but the time stamp on this post will still read 11:38am.

22) Don't worry, I wasn't sitting at my computer the whole time.

23) Touch football isn't as sexy as it sounds.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Random Updates

A few things that have happened to me recently:

1) I got an iPhone. Yes, I love it. I've had it for about three weeks and I've figured out how to make it do my bidding. I'll be saving the world soon.

2) The Irish made me very angry this weekend by losing to Navy for the first time in 43 games. Charlie lost a lot of fans' confidence after some of his calls during that game. There's a very real chance this team could lose the last three games of the season. Or they could rebound and save a little face.

3) The Colts managed to give away a winnable game against the Pats. They gave away a 10 point lead with eight minutes left. It was almost as upsetting as the Irish loss. However, the Colts were down two wide receivers, a left tackle and two starting linebackers. If they can get - and stay - healthy I like their chances in a second meeting in the playoffs.

4) I just bought a version of the Notre Dame Victory March. This one is better than the one I had before - it's played by the Notre Dame Band. The other one was played by the Florida State Marching Band. They half-assed it. Plus, I had to do something to combat the negativity flying around the ND Nation (I hate that term) and in my head. That song always makes me feel better.

5) Wedding stuff. Lots of wedding stuff. Tuxes and rehearsal dinners and flowers and invitations and websites all sorts of other shit.

6) I just read the article in Sports Illustrated about Terry Hoeppner and Ben Roethlisberger. I don't root for the Steelers or even the Hoosiers, but it sounds like Hoeppner was a great coach and a great man.

7) I haven't yet figured out how to get my iPhone to make the Irish winners again, but I'm working on it.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Too Early

93.9 WLIT is currently playing Christmas music here in Chicago. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself.

Navy vs. Notre Dame

Many fans and media types give Notre Dame a hard time for scheduling Navy every year - especially since we currently have a 43 game winning streak against them (which is very much in jeopardy this Saturday). Almost every single one of these people fail to understand why Notre Dame reserves a spot on its schedule for Navy every season.

Want to know why? Read this article posted on a Navy Football blog and then you'll understand why playing Navy every year is more important than tailoring a schedule to get into a BCS bowl game.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Saints Day

Happy All Saints Day!

Celebrate by dressing up like a slutty version of your favorite Saint.