Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sean Kelley

It seems fitting that the person who started this whole "I'll post a story about you" thing is the first person to get a story.

I first met Sean Kelley when we were both placed on the same Playground Incubator team, Space Robbers. Sean was new to the Chicago improv scene; I had already been performing in the area for about four years. I was finishing up with classes at iO and he was just getting started. In the early rehearsals for the Robbers he was the quiet guy who typically played low energy characters and let other people lead the scenes. By the end of my time with the Space Robbers, he had completely evolved into one of the best improvisers I know. He is not afraid to play any character or take any chance. Every time I played with him I felt like I saw him do something new each time.

My favorite Sean Kelley moments came just before we went on to do a Robbers show. We used to do a warm-up where someone would start with a character, movement and line and pass it to someone in the circle by walking over to that person. Each person would then have to take that same character, movement and line and amp it up to the next level until it could no longer be amped up any more. Every time it was Sean's turn to amp up the character, he would absolutely blow everyone out of the water with how far he could take the character. It killed and amazed me every time. Man, that kid is good.

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