Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Updates and Random Thoughts

Unfortunately, this blog has devolved into periodic updates and random thoughts. I don't really have any excuse. I just haven't set any goals for posting on here for a while. I guess you six readers will have to just deal with it for now.

Hang on, I just had an idea. A couple ideas and neither one is original. However, they may just help me get back on the blogging horse. I know that there are at least three people who consistently read this (Dee is not one of those people) so I want you to tell me what you want me to write about. It can be anything. Anything. Also, I'll borrow Sean's idea and write a story (true or fictional, but probably true) about you right here on this blog. Apologies to Sean, but I need a kick in the butt. Help me out, folks. Put your ideas in the comments.

Now for the random updates:
1) Irish win! Irish win! Irish win!

2) I should never be this happy about a Notre Dame win over Duke on the gridiron. Unfortunately, this is how low this team has sunk. A win over Stanford and we win the Highest Player Graduation Rate Trophy for Division I football.

3) The Colts have looked bad the past couple weeks. The injuries aren't helping. Neither is the fact that Adam Vinatieri has Vanderjagt Disease all of the sudden. Note: I'm not blaming the injuries and Vinatieri for the losses, but they're the easiest to pick on.

4) Except for Aaron Moorehead. Man, that guy looks lost out there.

5) Remember when I asked for more Robert Hughes? Well, we got him on Saturday and he looked good.

6) Dee absolutely loves the commercial for T Mobile (I think) where the guy keeps interrupting the store employee by saying, "Smart, smart, so smart." She says that all the time now. In fact, I find ways to say "smart" so that she can do her bit.

7) Remember a year ago when all of the cell phone commercials were crappy and stupid? Now there are at least three to four good ones out there. The best has to be the one where the butcher calls up to order meat and the other guy tells him they're out and he responds with, "What, did your wife eat all of it for breakfast?" Then the call drops and they cut back to the butcher trying to talk his way out of it. Fantastically awkward.

8) pH had its five year anniversary party last Monday (the 12th) and it went really well. We had a good crowd and the shows went really well. I gave a little speech about our place in the improv community and thanked the people who helped us. I was also slated to perform the dances from the three sketch shows that we've done, but I pulled my groin the Saturday before and was unable to dance. That sucked. I was really looking forward to doing that. However, the party still rocked.

9) I pulled my groin playing touch football. pH got involved in a theater touch football league and I volunteered to play. I hadn't played football in a long time and was worried about being rusty. I was a little rusty, but found my game again pretty quickly and made some nice plays before I very painfully pulled my groin while playing defense. Man, that hurts. I'm still healing.

10) Dee and I took a dance lesson last night. We learned a few steps and spins and the instructor seemed really impressed at how quickly we picked it up. We're due for another one in January.

11) I got a kinda promotion at work. I was moved from one team to another and the way I was told and the announcement made it sound like a promotion, but I didn't get a raise or anything. I have a new boss, a new job title and a window seat. So, there's that.

12) I think part of the reason that I haven't been blogging much is because I have been in a creative rut. I haven't written anything funny in a long time - since Jerkology.

13) A pretty girl winked at me on the train on Monday. I still got it, folks.

14) I really like bread pudding.

15) Dee and I had our wedding shower on Saturday. We got a ton of shit. Mostly kitchen stuff which we desperately need. I'm excited about it. I want to start cooking with it. Maybe I'll make bread pudding. I hear it's pretty easy.

16) It just feels way too early to get into the Presidential election. I just can't stomach it right now.

17) I'm pretty sure I have extra powerful flavor absorption abilities. I can't chew gum for more than ten minutes before I need to throw it out because all the flavor is gone. This is with any kind of gum.

18) Jeff: How are you feeling?
Dee: Did you eat pepperoni ice cream?

19) My groin still hurts. I'm beginning to worry about a tear.

20) I failed miserably at the RedEye crossword today. That makes me feel stupid.

21) I started this post at 11:38am and it is now 9:57pm, but the time stamp on this post will still read 11:38am.

22) Don't worry, I wasn't sitting at my computer the whole time.

23) Touch football isn't as sexy as it sounds.


  1. Hey Jeff, It's Sean, you know, the person whose idea your stealing? I think I may have started a thing actually, since you're the third person I know of who is stealing my blog idea. Anyway, tell me a story about me.

  2. Hey Jeff, it's Eric, the guy you ditched at work because you bailed on our team. That wasn't very nice. At least you got your window seat with an awesome view and got your bread pudding at lunch the other day. Let's hear a story and go Irish.

  3. Fordo! Write about meeeeeee!