Thursday, December 27, 2007


This year I wasn't able to make it back to Indiana for the holidays, so Dee and I spent Christmas with her family. On Monday, we went to her Nana's retirement home for what they called dinner and what we thought of as lunch. We arrived around 12:30pm because "dinner" was to be at 1pm.

We drove over with Dee's parents and found that her aunt and uncle had already arrived. At this point the party was in full swing. Soon the food arrived (Nana ordered from some Italian place) and we sat down for a nice little "dinner" - at 1pm. After dinner we did a White Elephant gift exchange. Dee and I managed to get rid of a cookie jar in the shape of Grimace and this horrible angel statue thing that she and her mom bought last year at Christmas to put in our house. I've hated that thing forever and have repeatedly tried to throw it out. In return, Dee got a bag of body lotion, body wash and a loofah and I got a "Bridget in the Buff" puzzle. Bridget is a plus-size woman with dirty feet who is posing nude for the puzzle. Everybody wins in a White Elephant.

We headed back to Dee's parents' place to spend the night and inquired about dinner plans on the ride home. Dee's parents were shocked that we might be hungry again since we had already had dinner. I reminded them that we ate at one o'clock which is lunch for normal humans. When Dee asked her mom what she was planning to have for dinner she replied, "I was just going to have some nuts." I informed her that nuts would not sate my hunger. We ordered a pizza. Delicious and satisfying. Eventually, Dee's parents wandered off to bed and Dee and I sat on the couch and watched Bloodsport and one of those dumbest criminal videos shows before we hit the sack. Before I closed my eyes, I read the first few chapters of Steve
Martin's new book Born Standing Up. (What the hell? Blogger doesn't offer an underline function? I'm totally editing the HTML. I win, Blogger.)

The next morning we woke up and opened gifts with Dee's parents. We got a set of four place settings of our everyday plates - which we desperately needed - and I got some nice leather gloves. Dee got a new pair of boots. Leather goods and plates. I had already given Dee one of her presents - a new North Face winter coat - and saved one for Christmas. She was very excited by the second gift - a super soft robe from Brookstone. I bought her a super soft blanket from there last year and it's probably the best gift I've ever given her based on how much she uses it. She's like Linus with that thing. Now she has a robe to match. Dee gave me the new Steve Martin book and an argyle sweater on Christmas Eve and she saved Guitar Hero III for Christmas. That's a pretty good haul, I'd say.

Soon we had to clean up because the rest of the family was coming over for "dinner." We got cleaned up and set up the dining tables and chairs and had the Christmas music going while Dee's mom worked on a delicious dinner. We had lasagna, pork, green beans, cheesy bacon mashed potatoes, apple pudding and sauerkraut. I didn't have any sauerkraut. The rest was delightful, however. After dinner there was another round of gifts for everyone. Dee and I mostly got checks and stuff from our registry. The registry makes gift buying pretty easy for us.

Once everyone started to leave, Dee and I did some dishes and then packed our things up to make our way home. We were both pretty exhausted from the day with her family and couldn't wait to get back to our bed. When we finally settled in to sleep, we realized that we had packed ourselves full of rich food that wasn't settling very well. We both squirmed around for a while and eventually fell asleep with visions of our offices dancing in our heads for we both had to work on Wednesday.

At some point in there, we also watched A Christmas Story. Doesn't everyone?

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