Sunday, December 02, 2007

Crock Pot

One of the many gifts that Dee and I received at our shower was a crock pot. I had a crock pot once before but never used it so I gave it away. I was never quite sold on the idea of registering for one but everyone told us that we needed it and that we would never buy one for ourselves. I knew that was true, and it was pretty darn easy to scan the bar code so we did.

Today we decided to put our new crock pot to work. We took about a pound and a half of ground beef and mixed it with some onions and bread crumbs (and a few other things) and molded it into a nice loaf and dropped it into the crock pot for about four hours. We timed it to be done around dinner time and it was. I wasn't sure what to expect but it certainly did smell good. We sliced off a couple pieces and it was juicy and delicious. We didn't even need to drown it in ketchup like you usually do with meatloaf. It was a successful and satisfying dinner and I'm looking forward to the next time that we decide to slow cook ourselves a delicious meal.

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