Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fight Clubbed

Remember in Fight Club when they replaced all of the regular flight safety brochures with other flight safety brochures with pictures of flames and screaming people on them?

As I was sitting on the Red Line train tonight after work, I noticed that someone had tampered with the safety procedures sign posted by the door. This is the second time I've seen this in the past month or so. I snapped a few quick pictures. Unfortunately they are not of the best quality because I was on a moving train. Anyway, here are the pictures.

Here is what the safety procedures sign is supposed to look like:

In all of the examples I've seen, the top item on the poster has been left untouched. It's the last three that the "vandals" have tampered with. The picture below covered the "Move to another car" item.

The adapted "Remain on train" image:

Here are a few of the "Exit as instructed" overlays:

And finally, the "Danger, high voltage" changes:

Obviously, they had the most fun with the "Exit as instructed" portion of the poster, though I do enjoy the final photo quite a bit. Keep your eye out the next time you're on the train and see if your safety poster has been tampered with.

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