Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

No, I'm not participating in the writers' strike. I'm just lazy.

Man, I am busy. I don't mean the "gettin'" kind of busy. I'm even too busy for that. Between the holidays and the wedding and the weather, I've barely had time to think. All of the changes at work have made things a bit more hectic as well. It all adds up to me being pretty freaking tired and completely missing a bunch of fun things to post about. I'll do that now.

-How about that Mitchell Report? It's basically the equivalent of US magazine for steroids. A whole lot of "he said this, he said that" stuff. Not much evidence except for the expanding head of Barry Bonds and the unlikely resurgence of Roger Clements. Not to mention Brady Anderson suddenly hitting 500 home runs in one season after hitting only 2 up to that point in his career.

-Aside from the steroids, Sammy Sosa still thought he needed more of an edge with a corked bat.

-Now I'm just slinging unfounded accusations.

-Guess what? Baseball is still boring.

-Our Christmas tree is really ugly.

-Did you realize that they're playing basketball already? Didn't anyone tell them it's still football season?

-Is Kobe Bryant still playing for the Charlotte Hornets?

-The Patriots are going to win every one of their regular season games. Unfortunately, I don't think the Colts are going to be healthy enough to beat them in the playoffs.

-Remember how Bill Belicheck cheated in the very first game of the season? Why wasn't that game forfeited by the Patriots? I'm going to keep asking this question.

-There's nothing quite as entertaining as seeing a bunch of your workmates get wasted at the company holiday party.

-Especially if you're getting wasted, too.

-The Atlanta Falcons fans deserve everything they've gotten this season. I mean, they've been living large for so long they need to be knocked off their perch.

-I got my passport today. Look out Paraguay!

-The winter weather kept me from seeing my adorable niece and nephew. Stupid weather.

-There are a whole lot of stupid traditions and rules that go along with every single little thing you do when planning a wedding. Who do I talk to to fix this?

-I'm pretty sure our upstairs neighbors re-enact the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade every night at 10pm.

-For the first time in four weeks, I felt good enough to do some cardio. A groin pull is a nasty injury.

-The Bears are going to get whipped tonight so long as the Vikings remember to not kick it to Hester.

-However, they'll look much better than the Vikings.

-Time for my weekly steroid injection. Later.


  1. The cheating the Patriots did in that game had no direct impact on the game itself. Plus they were punished in other ways.

    Why hasn't Indianapolis been punished yet for piping extra sound into their stadium, and for making me look at Peyton Manning's ugly face in 18 million TV commercials?

  2. Indianapolis wasn't punished for piping extra sound into their stadium because they didn't actually pump extra sound into the stadium. The sound that was heard was only heard on the CBS broadcast and was the fault of CBS.

    Also, how is Tom Brady's illegitimate child?

  3. Very wealthy, and attractive. Instead of a pacifier, it sucks on three Superbowl rings

  4. It might as well suck on them since they're worth about as much as Barry Bonds' home run record.