Monday, December 03, 2007

Thoughts on the BCS

Here is the current BCS bowl lineup:

BCS National Championship Game
Jan. 7, New Orleans
No. 1 Ohio State (11-1) vs. No. 2 LSU (11-2)

Orange Bowl
Jan. 3, Miami
Virginia Tech (11-2) vs. Kansas (11-1)

Fiesta Bowl
Jan. 2, Tempe, Ariz.
Oklahoma (11-2) vs. West Virginia (10-2)

Sugar Bowl
Jan. 1, New Orleans
Georgia (10-2) vs. Hawaii (12-0)

Rose Bowl
Jan. 1, Pasadena, Calif.
USC (10-2) vs. Illinois (9-3)

College football fans everywhere are going nuts and calling for the system to be trashed. Of course, that's nothing new for college football fans because they've been calling for the system (BCS or not) to be trashed ever since I can remember. Did the BCS fail us?

The BCS was created for the sole reason of guaranteeing a matchup between the number one and number two teams in the nation. The BCS did that. There are plenty of people who can make arguments for other teams to be in the National Championship game, but I think that LSU and Ohio St. have the strongest cases for being in the title game. I'll spare you the reasoning since you can go to any sports news site and get the reasoning there.

I may not like the rest of the matchups or the fact that Missouri got left out, but the BCS isn't meant to put all of the best teams in the nation in those bowls. All it is meant to do is to create a National Championship game with the top two teams and then let the rest of the bowls choose the matchups they think can make the most money. That's exactly what happened.

Even so, here are the things I like and dislike about these BCS matchups:

-Illinois in the Rose Bowl? Ugh. By the way, they are the first three loss team to get a BCS bowl bid. Not even Notre Dame has pulled that off.

-Is there anyone outside of Georgia rooting for the Bulldogs? There would be nothing better than a Hawaii upset in this game.

-LSU and Ohio St. are the last two teams ND has faced in bowl games. I don't know what it means, but it's an interesting coincidence.

-Missouri beat two of the teams that received BCS bids (Kansas and Illinois) but is not in a BCS game because they lost to another BCS team (Oklahoma) twice.

-Do I think the BCS is flawed? Yes. Do I think we need a playoff? No. Plus one game? Maybe. I like the controversy, debates and the fact that you can end all of the debate if you just take care of business (and play a reasonable schedule).

-Ten of the twelve teams Notre Dame played this year are going to bowl games. The only two teams not going? Stanford and Duke.

-A team I hate is going to win the National Championship again this year. Charlie can't get the Irish back on track soon enough.

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