Thursday, December 06, 2007

Train Rides & Crosswords

Every morning before I get on the train to go to work, I pick up a RedEye so that I can do the crossword puzzle. It's usually not very hard and I have it done by the time the Red Line heads underground.

Today, the guy standing next to my seat saw my progress on the crossword and was very impressed. Sure, he was missing a few teeth and smelled like booze, but he was so impressed that he asked me if he could have it after I completed it. He wanted to take it home to his wife and convince her that he did it so that "he could get some laughs." He then added, "It will be even more funny because my wife will say, 'You can't even read." I had no choice but to give him the paper. Who am I to deny a couple a good laugh in the morning?

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