Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year In Review

2007 was a fun and challenging year for me. My new job got even busier and my performance schedule got pretty crazy at times but I managed to fit some sleep in when I could. On top of all that I spent a lot of time with Dee planning the wedding. Below are some highlights from my year:

Super Bowl Champs!
Even though it was the 2006 season, the Indianapolis Colts started their playoff run in 2007. After limping into the playoffs with what looked like the worst run defense in the history of the NFL, the Colts went into Baltimore on January 13th and beat the Ravens 15-6. The next week, they faced the Patriots in the RCA Dome and fell behind 21-3 before coming back to win 38-34. For the first time since they were in Baltimore, the Colts found themselves in the Super Bowl against the Bears. Devin Hester tried to make it interesting by returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown, but the Colts battled back and claimed the Lombardi Trophy by winning 29-17.

I was in Indianapolis watching the game with my brother and a host of other Colts fans. We jumped up and down. We screamed. We partied in the streets.

Dee and I were feeling pretty burnt out at the beginning of the year and decided that we needed a vacation. Fortunately, Dee has a friend in Florida who lives right on the beach so we booked a flight and got away for a few days. It was a needed break for both of us and as a bonus we got to meet with Dee's friend.

Once Dee and I got back from our vacation, I put the finishing touches on the script for Jerkology. In April we had our first read-through and began rehearsing. This was the first show I had ever written and directed. Overall, I would call it a success because it was well-received by the audiences and the actors had a good time performing it. It wasn't a perfect show, but I learned a lot about how to put together a sketch show and I'm excited to do another one next year.

Providence Improv Festival
For the first time in about two years, I traveled with pH to an out-of-town festival in Providence, Rhode Island. The festival was scheduled for the end of June so the weather was beautiful and the people were extremely friendly. We did two really fun shows and the crowds loved us. I should go on these trips more often.

Kinda Promotion
The CIO at my company retired mid-year and the new CIO decided to do some restructuring. He decided to move me over to the Project Management Office. Now I can officially be called a Project Manager (my previous title was Implementation Coordinator). They also moved my cube to one by the window. Big time. Unfortunately, there was no raise - at least not yet.

And the lowlights:

Notre Dame Football
The Irish started off 2007 by losing in the Sugar Bowl to LSU. They hung around for the first half, then got blown out in the second. An ugly way to end a pretty good season for the Irish. The game was the last for most of Notre Dame's starters - including their quarterback, starting running back, leading wide receivers and most of the linemen. This meant that the 2007 season would rest heavily upon the shoulders of freshmen and sophomores since there were only about five juniors and seniors total left on the roster. Everyone knows that the Irish only won three games and looked absolutely terrible in nearly every single one of their losses. The only upside was that they finished strong by winning their final two games and did show some signs of progress.

Door County
At the end of October, Dee and I decided that we needed to get out of the city for a few days. We thought Door County sounded like a good idea. We were wrong. Maybe we went too late into the season because a lot of stuff was closed, but even if everything was open it still would have been pretty lame. I was imagining something more like the quaint little section of Colorado Springs that my roommates and I stumbled upon while camping on spring break in college. Unfortunately, it was more like visiting my hometown if it was next to a big lake. My hometown is great if you want to sit around and watch TV. We didn't really want to sit around and watch TV.

Pulling My Groin
Oh man, pulling your groin really hurts. I mean really bad. When it happened, I curled up in a little ball and dropped like a rock. I was fine so long as I was curled up in a ball. As soon as I tried to move, the pain came roaring back. I hobbled around for a while and eventually got back to walking normally but I wasn't able to do a full cardio workout until last week. I pulled my groin on November 10. I still have slight pain occasionally, but I'm pretty much back to normal. If you were thinking of pulling your groin in 2008, I strongly recommend against it.

That was my year. Some good, some bad. Mostly good. Hopefully, 2008 will be even better. I think it will be so long as I don't pull any muscles.

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  1. Alvin2:07 PM

    What really sucks is pulling your groin in Door County and then having to sit around and watch TV. Thanks for the overshare.