Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Real Story

When you attend a football game in person your experience of the game is always different from the folks watching the game at home. Prior to the third quarter of the Colts game on Sunday, the NFL honored the Punt, Pass & Kick winners for each of the age groups. As they announced the winners in each division the crowd clapped politely - until the camera put Anna Grant on the big screens. Anna was wearing a Patriots jersey. As soon as the crowd saw this they began to boo. I write "they" because I did not boo her. That's not the point. The point is that I didn't really think anything of it as it was happening because I wasn't surprised. Wear a Pats jersey in the RCA Dome and you're going to get booed.

However, this has suddenly become a huge story. Well, I don't know about the suddenly part because I've been pretty busy this week and haven't kept up much with the news. Today I discovered that people have been writing about it all week and that she will be present for the coin toss at the AFC Championship game this weekend. Good for her. I'm sure bloggers everywhere are having a field day with the heartless Colts fans. As they should. A 14 year old girl who is the best in her division at punting, passing and kicking deserves to be cheered, not booed. Of course, the same thing would have happened in any other stadium. Titans fans would have booed a kid in a Colts jersey. Bears fans would have booed a kid in a Packers jersey. It would have been inappropriate in each case.

Little Anna Grant took it in stride, though. She even smiled as the boos grew louder. In this article, she states that she expected it. The best part of the article is the litany of smug quotes from Robert Kraft, Patriots owner.

I think that the moral of the story is that you should never actually attend an NFL football game because you might miss the real story of the game. Besides, how are you going to know who had a good game and who didn't if you don't have the announcers to tell you?

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