Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tech Follow Up

Tim's comment on my Technology Tricks post made a great point and reminded me of something that Dee and I have used to keep us organized for the wedding. Tim mentioned that he and his girlfriend used Google Spreadsheets to organize their grocery list and errands for the week. Something I should have thought of for our grocery list since we're already using Google Spreadsheets to organize our wedding. We created our guest list, shower list, bachelorette party list, rehearsal dinner and vendor list in Google Spreadsheets. It's been fantastic since we both always have access to it and can update it whenever we need to. In fact, we've even shared it with our parents so that the could update our guest list with all of those people neither Dee or I know but have to invite anyway. Don't ask, it's a wedding thing.

The point is that Google Doc and Spreadsheets has been immensely helpful with keeping our wedding planning organized and simplified. We even used it to do the mail merge for our wedding invitations. I think that the online document products like Google Docs and Zoho (which I'm told is better than Google) have practically eliminated the need for me to carry around a thumb drive. So long as I have Internet access, I always have access to my documents with Google, so why would I ever need to tote around a tiny thumb drive that I could easily lose?

Thanks for reminding me, Tim.

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