Sunday, January 06, 2008

Technology Tricks

Everyone has a gadget that they use everyday. iPod, cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, etc. We all use them for what they are intended and they've made us more efficient simply because they exist. However, there are always clever ways that you can use your devices to get more out of them. I certainly don't claim to be an expert at figuring out these clever uses, but I have come up with a few tricks that help me get things done and remember the things I need to remember.

1) Singular Errands
When there is one specific thing that I need to do, I take a picture of it with my camera phone and then set it as the wallpaper. For example, I needed to pick up a new ink cartridge for our printer so I snapped a picture of the cartridge and set it as my background on my iPhone. This helped me in a couple different ways. First, I was constantly reminded that I needed to pick up a cartridge whenever I checked my phone. Second, I knew exactly what kind of cartridge I needed once I got to the store. I've used this from things like ink cartridges to deodorant to milk.

2) Busting Cab Drivers
When I get in a cab I snap a picture of the driver's picture and cab number. I usually make sure he sees me doing this. That way I hopefully won't have to deal with any of his bullshit. In case he still tries to pull some kind of stunt, I've got all the info I need to report him.

3) Notes
I always have my iPhone with me so it only makes sense that when I have an idea and need to jot something down, I open up the notepad and type it in. I tried to do this before on my old cell phones, but the phone keypad typing was a pain in the ass. Now that I have a usable keypad on my iPhone, it's the easiest place to jot something down. I have tried to put my shopping list in the notes as well, but found that simply emailing the grocery list to myself and pulling it up in the document viewer on my iPhone is a much better way handle my shopping.

Those are three of my most used tricks. What cool tricks do you use your technology for? Let me know in the comments. I'm always looking for a new clever way to make my life just a little easier.

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  1. I really like the idea of using wallpaper as a reminder...not to mention, it reminded me that I need printer ink as well.

    As for me, I am not nearly as clever. However, I do use one piece of technology/software to make my life easier. The girlfriend and I use a shared Google Spreadsheet to compile our weekly shopping/errand list.

    We use the Google Spreadsheet b/c we rarely sit down together and work out a list (we'd rather be watching the idiot box). However, we always have a few minutes at work that we can pull up the spreadsheet and add whatever we need. By the end of the week, we print off the spreadsheet and go shopping.

    Additionally, it is also handy to the extent that we don't delete the previous week's list so the basics (bread, eggs, milk, etc.) are already on the list. All we have to do is add/remove a few items and we are done.