Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Highlights

Here are a few highlights from the Super Bowl party that Dee and I had at our place this evening.

-Everyone we invited showed up. (Me and Dee)
-After Bradshaw's run early in the first quarter where he dragged a tackler about 5 yards, Dee said, "It's the effing Super Bowl, that is how you DO!"
-In what I can only assume is an homage to Dee's Fat Girl in a Little Sweater, Bill Belichick is wearing a tight red hoodie with the sleeves cut off.
-Beer floats. Not root beer floats, but beer floats. We got a nice raspberry lambic from Sam's and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a chilled glass. It looked like this:
-The huge light penis sexing the heart shaped vagina during the halftime show.
-After the 12 men on the field penalty that gave the Pats a first down instead of the Giants the ball, Dee said, "It's the effing Super Bowl, you can't DO that."
-The only big wow moment in the whole game: Manning somehow breaking away from what looked like a sure sack only to make a wild throw to Tyree who made an amazing catch by pinning the ball against his helmet. Dee had no comment as she was sleeping at the time.
-Dee woke up just in time to see the Giants' final touchdown and was suddenly wide awake.
-Gotta love the chaos of the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. Of course, the media will make Belichick out to be a bad sport because he didn't stick around for the final play. As much as I want to hate on him for that, I don't think I'm going to buy it in this situation.
-Can't wait to read the next article from Bill Simmons.

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