Sunday, March 30, 2008

Closet Organization

Now that things have settled down a bit for me and Dee, we've set our minds to getting our condo in good order. We have a ton of stuff to do, but our top priority was to get our closets organized. You see, the builders half-assed the closet situation in our place. Basically, they put one shelf and one hanging rod in every closet. Sure, it allowed us to store our shit - but not very well. For example, check out our bathroom closet below.

A mess, no? I should add that the broom, mop and Swiffer all come tumbling out of the closet as soon as you open the door. Plus, the door would barely close. It was a pain in the ass. Every time Dee opened the closet door I would hear a sound of something falling followed by her saying, "I hate it."

Today, Dee and I decided to head over to The Container Store and see if they could impart some of their closet organizing wisdom unto us. We met with one of the Elfa people (not Elf people, Elfa people. Elfa is a brand of closet organization stuff) and she designed organization systems for our bathroom closet and my closet in the second bedroom. Because the cost of our new closets was surprisingly cheap, we purchased them on the spot and brought them home for installation.

After drilling a few holes in the wall and screwing in a few screws, I hung the shelves and our new closet was ready to accept our shit. We managed to pile it all back in there and we couldn't have been happier. Here's how our closet looks now.

Much better, don't you think? Soon, my closet will make a similar transformation. Unfortunately, I made a slight measuring error and we have to take back the stuff for my closet and have new shelves cut. Thankfully, they're happy to take back the stuff they already cut. We'll see to that next weekend.

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