Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day and Other Items

I really like St. Patrick's Day. I don't know if it's my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy it quite a bit. I'm not even Irish. Well, I don't know if I'm Irish or not. I'm adopted and I don't know the heritage of either of my biological parents (one of which is also adopted). I have spent a lot of time celebrating this holiday with people who are Irish, though (I'm Catholic and I went to Notre Dame - you tend to bump into a few Irish folk in those circles). Those people have always been welcoming and willing to share their cabbage, corned beef, soda bread, potatoes and, of course, beer. I find all of those foods to be quite delicious and wolf them down with glee. While I may or may not be Irish, the Irish folk I know certainly have made me feel welcome while celebrating the feast of their homeland's Patron Saint.

The general mood on St. Patrick's Day is typically jolly and fun and it seems like everyone - Irish or not - enjoys the day and gets a kick out of people wearing green and seeing a bagpiper in a kilt. In fact, my office currently has a bagpiper playing downstairs and people have stopped to listen. It put a smile on my face.

Celebrate today however you like but be sure to enjoy the day. I'll keep listening to my Irish drinking songs and maybe have a beer when I get home tonight. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Here are a couple really cool things that have been done in memorial to my father:

The first is the sign below which is just outside my hometown's city limits. We don't know who had it put up, but we certainly appreciate it. That's my grandfather in the bottom left corner.

The second is this Indiana Senate resolution that renames Indiana Highway 3 between Hartford City (my hometown) and Highway 18 in honor of my father. I'm sure my dad appreciates it, but I know he would say, "I hope they didn't waste too much time on that. They've got more important things to do."


  1. Nice blog...
    My condolences on your dad's death.
    What year did you graduate ND? My brother was a Double Domer, 91 undergrad, 95 Law (I think).
    Hope the Irish make some waves in the NCAA "March Madness" this year!

    Happy St Pat's!


  2. Thank you, PT.

    I graduated in '98. Go Irish (both Notre Dame type and otherwise)!