Friday, April 11, 2008


It's been a while since I've sat down to watch some hockey. Last night after I came home from a dinner with friends, I sat down and turned on ESPN2 to catch the second game of the Frozen Four - Notre Dame vs. Michigan.

Notre Dame was the last team in to the national hockey tournament this year and won two games in which they were major underdogs only to face off against the top-rated Michigan Wolverines in the Frozen Four. Needless to say, the Irish were underdogs again.

When I turned on the game, the second period had just begun and the Irish were up 3-0. I was shocked. I knew they had been playing well, but I certainly did not expect them to have built such a big lead. Of course, that quickly changed once I started watching. Michigan battled back to tie it up. I briefly contemplated turning off the TV because I assumed that I was responsible for the turnaround in Notre Dame's play. Thankfully, I did not. Late in the third period, the teams swapped goals again and it was 4-4 as they went to overtime.

The overtime period was frantic and fantastically fun to watch. It reminded me of the days back in college when all of my friends would get together to watch the NHL Playoffs. Best of all, it ended with the Irish scoring a hectic goal in the overtime to win. They will face Boston College in the championship game on Saturday. I'll be in Indianapolis for my brother's going away party but I'll try to tune in when I get a chance.

I think I've got hockey fever again. Good thing the NHL Playoffs are in full swing.

I never get a chance to see the Notre Dame hockey team play since college hockey is rarely shown on television. Thank God for ESPN2

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