Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol Finale

I'm watching last night's episode of American Idol on TiVo and I just realized something: David Archuleta is Panda Express. He's the corporate reproduction of something interesting and flavorful. In other words, bland. Take a great song, mix it with a little David Archuleta and you'll end up with a good song that doesn't really challenge, move or inspire you.

America loves Panda Express. America loves David Archuleta. He'll win and that's too bad.

Think about it. Will you ever want to listen to David Archuleta after tonight? Will you pay your hard earned money for his music? You know that his first album will blend together and sound like one long boring song about something cliché and sappy. David Cook? Yeah, you have a pretty good idea of what his album is going to sound like, but there's bound to be at least one song on there that will surprise you. You'll hear a hard rocking song that will be good, and you'll hear an acoustic ballad that will be good.

I'll take the second any day.

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