Friday, May 30, 2008

Intercourse and the Metropolis

Dee and I went to the movie theater to see "The Strangers" tonight. Unfortunately, we (or at least I) forgot that tonight was also the opening night for "Sex and the City." When we arrived at the theater, there were probably a hundred girls lined up to see the movie. They were all decked out in their little black dresses and expensive shoes and goofy hats and way too much makeup and other things that made them look sluttier than it did classy. They were all checking each other out as if they were trying to figure out which girls were worthy of being in their foursome of materialism.

As I was taking in the scene, a thought occurred to me: What is the difference between these girls and the guys who dress up like Darth Vader to go see "Star Wars"? The next thought that occurred to me was: Absolutely nothing. It was a nerd-fest. A huge "Sex and the City" nerd-fest. They were dressed up like their favorite characters, just like the "Star Wars" geeks. The only difference was that they thought everyone thought they looked hot, while the "Star Wars" folks know they just look like an evil Sith Lord.

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