Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The New iPhone

As a current iPhone owner, many people have asked me if I plan to buy the new iPhone 3G. At first I responded with, "I don't know. The price makes it very tempting." Now that I've had some time to think about it my response is, "No way." Here's why:
  • I get the iPhone 2.0 firmware for free and the App Store is the one feature that I've really wanted.
  • Dee and I already have a GPS in our car. Plus, I almost never drive and when I do it's to places I know how to get to. (Granted, the tracking feature is pretty cool.)
  • Most of the browsing I do on my iPhone is done while connected to WiFi. When not connected to WiFi, the speed is good enough to get me the info I need in a reasonable amount of time but slow enough to deter me from constantly surfing and being completely anti-social at all times. A perfect balance in my opinion.
  • I can't justify the $200 simply for faster browsing and GPS. With the firmware upgrade I'm getting all the really cool features that I've wanted (mostly through apps) and it seems silly to get rid of a phone that I am very satisfied with for the two features mentioned above. Plus, I don't think the new iPhone looks as cool.
The funny thing about all of this is that prior to watching Steve Jobs's keynote address, I was all set to pony up the money to buy the thing. As I watched the keynote, I slowly became disgusted by the propaganda. He was pitching problem fixes as fantastic new "features." Bullshit. Half of the "features" they added for this version were things they should have gotten right the first time. GPS? Should have had it the first time. Non-recessed headphone jack? Fuck you. You knew that no headphones but the shitty ones you ship with it would work. It's not an improvement, it's a finally got it right. On top of all that, they neglected to add notes syncing. Let me explain. The iPhone has a nice little app on it where you can type in notes and save them in a list. Unfortunately, there's no way to get those notes off of your iPhone and onto your computer. This really sucks when you're the kind of person who has sketch ideas at random times throughout the day, but sits down at the computer at night. I have to retype my notes from the phone into my computer every day. C'mon Apple. It's just text. How hard could it be to sync back to my computer?

So, no iPhone 3G for me. Not until my iPhone Classic dies.


  1. I bet you can synch the text....assuming you drop $99 a year for .Mac or whatever the hell they are calling it now...MobileMe?

  2. That's what you would think, but the early reviews I've read of MobileMe state that there is no note syncing in that "application" either.

    Consider ball fully dropped.