Monday, July 14, 2008

My Weekend

This weekend, Dee went down to Peoria (I think. Wherever ISU is.) to celebrate her friend Sheila's birthday. I stayed here in Chicago. This was one of the few weekends this summer I didn't have any plans. Since I've had plans almost every other weekend, I haven't had the time to do all of those things around the house that I've been meaning to do for a long time.

What are those things?

Turning the second bedroom into a den. Hang some pictures and reorganize our storage area. I had plenty of time this weekend to accomplish those tasks. Remember what the second bedroom used to look like?

Yeah, it was crowded.  There was a huge bed in there that pretty much took up the whole room.  Underneath the bed we jammed just about everything we didn't have space for.  The room was a crowded mess.

I spend my entire Saturday in the room moving bookshelves, shredding documents, throwing things out and generally reorganizing things.  Once I was done, it looked like this.

Check it out.  I turned the bed into a couch, turned the paper blinds into real blinds, made bookcases magically appear and made nest of computer cables disappear.  Now all I have to do is get some paint up on those walls.

Yeah, I know.  I'm pretty awesome.


  1. ISU is in Bloomington/Normal.

    Did you lifehack the cables?

  2. I'm not sure why I thought it was in Peoria. Is there anything in Peoria?

    Yes, I did lifehack the cables. I lifehacked the effing ess out of them. Lots of velcro.

  3. When can you come and help joe important with our den? I could send photos but it would make you shudder.