Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things I've Been Enjoying

I haven't done a "Things I've Been Enjoying" post since March, so I figure I'm due.  In fact, I'll reach back a little further and mention some things that I've been enjoying since March.  I won't tell you exactly which ones are older, but you'll probably be able to figure most of them out.

Things I've Been Enjoying:
  • Being married.
  • Kids In the Hall at the Chicago Theater
  • Avenue Q at some other theater (I'm too lazy to look it up)
  • Epic Burger
  • The new Weezer album - especially the Pork & Beans video 
  • The Get Rich Slowly Blog
  • Strawberries
  • - especially his "344 Things" posters
  • Tony Dungy's book - it provides interesting insight on how to build and motivate an NFL team
  • Remote for the iPhone - and all of the other cool stuff in the App Store
  • That they fixed the toilet in the Space Station
  • Performing in "100... Years of Losing" - last show at Second City this Friday at midnight, then it's moving to Stage Left on Wednesday at 8pm starting July 30 and running through September.
  • Realizing that I never have said, nor will say, "This is my karaoke song."
  • The orange juice commercial where the lady talks all sexy and they make the oranges look as much like boobs as possible.
  • Receiving a fortune cookie that reads, "More cheerful and hopeful than forty years old."
  • Hearing Billy Packer say the following during the NCAA National Championship game, "Kansas knows what it's like to be in an overtime game in the championship, they went to triple overtime in the championship game in 1957."  What?!  Who on Kansas knows what it's like?  Is there a 51-year senior on the team?  If so, how does he still have his eligibility?  Thank god he got fired.
  • The quarterback rating formula: {[.05(% comp per attempt - 30)] + [.25(avg yds per attempt - 3)] + [.2(% TD per attempt)] + [2.375 - (.25(% int per attempt))] / 6} * 100
  • Skype and Call Recorder - handy for interviews
  • Playing tennis with my wife
  • Getting a promotion with a big raise and bonus

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