Thursday, July 03, 2008


Way back in November, I asked people to submit their name so that I may write a story about them. Not many people did, so I didn't write very many stories. However, Tristan stumbled upon that post yesterday (maybe she was catching up? reviewing?) and asked me to write a story about her. She asked and now she shall receive.

First, a little background.

Tristan and I met when she joined pH way back in the early days. Back then the pH folk spent a lot of time hanging out after shows and on our off weekends. During those times, Tristan and I became rather close friends. As everyone got a little busier and things changed, we spent less time hanging out outside of pH events. Somehow, she and I started trading lengthy emails on a fairly regular basis. The topics of the emails are wide-ranging but are mostly meant to amuse each other while we're stuck at our desks at work. Those emails have inspired many things I've written including the "Pros and Cons" series of posts that ran through June, July and August of last year.

On to the story.

From time to time, pH shows are canceled because we don't have any audience members. It's one of the dangers of an independent and underfunded theater. When it is the late show that is canceled, we clean up and head home. When it is the early show, we have to hang around to see if there will be any audience members for the late show. We usually fill that time by putting on some music and having a dance party.

One week the early show was canceled and we started a dance party.  It was the summer when Outkast's smash summer hit "Hey Ya!" was sweeping the nation.  Someone had just finished a dance and Tristan and I hopped up when "Hey Ya!" started playing.  We danced around like idiots for a while and then suddenly began circling each other in a running, flailing trot.  On beat we would suddenly change direction and then back again.  We - and everyone else - loved it so much that we did that dance every time we heard the song come on.  I would even do the dance when she wasn't around, leaving a little space for her.  I called it the "Missing Man Formation."  I loved doing that dance.

Those are the kind of awesome and fun things that happen when Tristan is around.

And now, a special Pros and Cons in honor of the lady who inspired them:

The Pros and Cons of Being Tristan Tanner

1) Awesome dances happen when you are around.
2) You are super talented and hilarious.
3) Boobs.

1) Everyone is jealous of you all the time.
2) April through June is way to busy at work to send Jeff emails.
3) You are a Patriots fan.

P.S. - This is my 300th post.  Hooray!

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