Thursday, August 21, 2008


The more I listen to the radio the more I begin to think that all Hip-Hop (or R&B or whatever that genre is called now) songs are starting to sound the same - or at least use the same formula.  I think it's time for Hip-Hop to retire some of the many overused devices that make all the songs sound the same.  It's really the only way for the genre to progress.

Here are the Hip-Hop devices that need to be retired:
  • A chorus of dudes shouting "Oooooooohh!" or "Whooooooaaaaaah!" to the beat.
  • Da club.  Seriously, I think we've exhausted all of the club possibilities now that Usher wants to "make love in this club." (Really?  Are you "making love" in a club?  No.  You're fucking.) There are other interesting locales, folks.
  • Yourself and how awesome you are.  We know, Kanye, you're the greatest.  How about using some pronouns?  It tends to make the song more relatable to us common folk.  Listen to Rihanna, she's got this figured out.
  • All of the cool shit you've acquired.
  • Dolla dolla bill ya'll
Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good Hip-Hop and R&B songs that use these devices, but it seems like every single song that comes out uses at least one of these if not more.   It's time to shed some of these tired old tricks and try on some new ones.  Things are gettin' stale and I need some new funky stuff.

Now I'm off to listen to Ice Cube's new album.

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