Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Olympics

I'm not a big Olympics guy.  I don't get excited about watching the Olympics and there aren't really any events that I absolutely must see.  However, I don't hate the Olympics.  When the Olympics are on, I usually put them on the TV and leave it on in the background in case there's something interesting that happens. 

I do think it's funny that there are so many people who get so exicted about watching sports that they would never stop to watch if it wasn't part of the Olympics.  Swimming?  Who watches swimming if it's not the Olympics?  Pick any of the Track and Field events.  Which of those are something you'd like to see on a regular basis?  Javelin is only fun when a judge gets speared.  If you've seen one long jump you've seen them all. The 100 meters is cool but that only lasts for 10 seconds at the most.  There just aren't very many events that I find interesting outside of the Olympics and the Olympics themselves don't make them any more interesting for me.

Of course, Dee can't get enough of this stuff so we'll be watching just about everything we can.

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