Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Recap

The Dark Knight
I know.  I can hear you saying, "'Bout time, Ford."  "Fordo" if you're Tristan.  (I have no idea how to properly punctuate that sequence.  Hopefully you get my point.)  ANYWAY, the point is that I finally saw "The Dark Knight."  Dee and I went yesterday afternoon.  Since I'm so late to the game, I won't dwell on it much except to say that I really liked it and that Heath Ledger was fantastic.  He really creeped Dee out and made both of us laugh quite a bit.  Dee said that she liked "Batman Begins" better because she thought the Scarecrow was a great villian.  I think "The Dark Knight" is better but not by a whole lot.  Good stuff.  We need to see movies more.

Date Night
Dee and I went out on Saturday to celebrate our six month anniversary.  Our anniversary was actually last Saturday but I was in Toronto for the Toronto Improv Festival so we had to push it back a week.  We went to Feast which is where we had our first date and where we went before I proposed to her.  Not much had changed and the food was still good.  Afterwards we found a bar with an outdoor patio and had a few drinks and made friends with an American Bulldog named Leopold.  Now Dee is bugging me to get a dog again.  Oh goody.

Feelin' Crappy
I was scheduled to be in two shows on Friday night (pHamily the Musical and pHrenzy), but my intestines decided not to cooperate.  Instead I spent the evening at home drinking water and eating bland foods.  Not nearly as much fun as doing shows, but I suppose it could have been worse.

Dee and I watched parts of the closing ceremony for the Olympics and found it strange and comical.  The opening and closing ceremonies have always been the least interesting part of the games for me so I paid little attention.

I watched at least some of the Olympics every day there was competition and discovered that volleyball is a sport that should be on television more.  Not beach volleyball but five-on-five indoor volleyball.  I really enjoyed watching the men's and women's volleyball teams and could see myself tuning in frequently if that sport was ever on TV.  Of course, NBC has just signed a contract to air the swimming world championships for the next three years so we'll see plenty of that, but it's not nearly as exciting as volleyball.

Stupid Head
What I am.  I wrote this on Monday (as you can see by the post date) and thought I posted it.  Looks like I just saved it.  That was dumb.

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