Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Vacation

A few months ago my brother called me and asked if Dee and I wanted to stay at a sweet new resort with him and his fiancée.  At half price.  We couldn't turn down an offer like that.

Last week we boarded our flights to Mexico, excited about the fantastic new resort where we were about to be pampered for a week.  As we were being driven to the resort, Drew asked the driver about the resort.  Due to the language barrier, he didn't really understand the question and we didn't really understand his answer but we got the impression that he was very impressed by where we were headed.  We knew it must be special.

We arrived at the resort and they greeted us with drinks and smiles and sat us down in the spacious lobby and a nice woman named Lili told us all about the features of the resort.  Then Lili took us to our rooms.  When we walked outside we were bombarded by sunshine, warm air and the sweet, sweet sounds of construction.

Yes, construction.  See?
Those orange-vested fellows were everywhere, dotting the landscape like Christmas lights while the excavation equipment's reverse alarms were playing joyous carols in the background.  It was magical.
The rooms were very nice, if unfinished.  We decided to go somewhere else.  Drew went down to talk to the hotel manager and he offered to set us up at one of the parent company's other resorts in the area.  We agreed and dragged our bags back to the lobby.
As soon as we entered our rooms at the new resort, we realized we weren't going to be pampered in the same way we originally thought.  In fact, we might have stumbled into a murder scene.  Judge for yourself:
A torn (possibly sliced?) comforter and a blood-stained door.  Yes, luxury.  Despite the poor conditions, we were so tired from the trip that we laid down atop the comforters and napped.  That nap turned into an all night sleep-fest.
The next morning we got up and went down to the beach to get some sun, but mostly to get out of the room.  I settled in with a book, Dee perused one of her celebrity magazines, Alyssa napped and read her book and Drew disappeared for a while.  When he came back, he announced that he got us moved to newer, better rooms.  Even so, Drew and I gave the water a good hard look to make sure no more catastrophes lurked within.

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