Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Things

Holy crap. It was cold as hell here this week. See?

Fortunately, nothing important froze like my pipes or the fluid within my eyeballs. The cold was the hot topic of the week and it seemed like that was the only thing anyone could talk about. Everyone's Facebook status said something like "I think my toes fell off." The funniest comment I read about the cold was from my old friend Christian who tweeted ( the following:
"Sure, it's 10 below zero with -30 wind chill. But it's a *dry* heat."
Hey, CTA! Fuck you! You put signs up all over the El stops thanking us for our patience and guaranteeing smooth service.  In fact, the signs read:
"Three track is complete.  Smooth service on Brown, Red and Purple is back.  Count on it."
A guarantee of smooth service, huh CTA?  Bullshit.  Since the trains have gone back to four track service, I've had longer waits and more crowded trains than I did when the construction was happening and you were only running three tracks.

It's a sign of a failing organization when you handle crisis situations better than normal operation. It means you're dealing with crisis too much.  Get your shit together, CTA.

Look at what I made:

Wordle: Nothing

It's based on a monologue I wrote for Jerkology. It's about nothing. Or something. Or everything.

Finally, I'll leave you with this:

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