Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Brett Mistake

I feel sorry for Vikings fans.  They have the best running back and defensive line in the league and a decent set of receivers.  They are the kind of team that is a few players away from being dominant.  And their management is going to screw it up.  In fact, they've already got a head start.

They weren't even a serious contender when Jay Cutler was on the block.  Stupid.  You put Jay Cutler on the Vikings and they would be in position to dominate the NFC for years.  Years.  We're talking Patriots and Colts kind of domination.  Instead, they grabbed Sage Rosenfels.  Remember Rosenfels?  He was last seen single-handedly giving a game away to the Colts.

Now they're talking to Brett Favre.  I can only hope - for the sake of Vikings fans everywhere - that they come to their senses and pass on Favre.  He's 40 years old and is recovering from a pretty serious arm injury that only adds to the fact that the dude throws interceptions like they're going out of style.  Plus, he's unbenchable.  If the Vikings sign him, they've committed to Brett Favre being their quarterback until he physically can't walk onto the field anymore.  Because Brett Favre is Brett Favre, he'll never agree to play for a team that wants to use him as a backup.  He'll only agree to play if the team makes him the starter.  The best part is that it doesn't even matter if any of this starter nonsense is made known - everyone will assume this is the case anyway.  The fans and media will take the team to task if they bench him and they'll take the team to task if he plays like crap - which he will.  It's a no-win situation.

Only an idiot would sign Brett Farve at this point.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of idiots out there who think they'd be idiots not too.  Another no-win situation.

Either way, the Vikings aren't winning a Super Bowl next year.  For the sake of Vikings fans I hope Vikings' management realizes this and stays away from Brett Farve.  For my sake, I hope they sign him so that we can watch the Viking ship go down in purple flames.

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