Friday, June 19, 2009

Gadgets and Travel

I'm leaving today for Windsor, Ontario.  Actually, the trip is more Detroit focused, but we'll be staying in Windsor.  Some of my college buddies and I are going to see a Tigers game tomorrow.  None of us are Tigers fans, but Detroit is a relatively reasonable trip for each of us.  Two of us are coming from Chicago, one from Columbus, OH and one from Buffalo, NY.  Should be fun if the weather cooperates.  It'll be fun even if the weather doesn't cooperate.
I just realized that I have a ton of gadgets with me for this trip.  Actually, I have a ton of gadgets with me every time I carry my work bag.  Here's the full list with explanations:

iPhone 3G - my phone and note-taking device.
iPhone - my old iPhone that acts as an iPod and gaming device so as not to drain my 3G battery.
Blackberry - work issued, makes me feel guilty while ignoring my work email.
iPod (30GB) - an older iPod that can house my entire music collection.
Amazon Kindle - my ebook reader.  For reading on the train.
Cannon PowerShot SD630 - my camera for when I want to shoot good quality stills.
Kodak Zx1 - a very small (cell phone size) handheld HD video camera.  Good for capturing bits of video.
MacBook Pro - my laptop.  It usually comes to work with me and came today out of habit.
Belkin Mini-Surge Protector - provides safe power to my gadgets.  I'd hate to have these suckers get fried by a power surge.
Assorted memory cards and chargers/charging cables - I've got plenty of extra memory, and all the chargers I need to keep the gadgets running.

The only one of these gadgets that I don't always have with me is the Cannon camera and that's because my wife also uses it so it needs to be available to her.

In the photo below you can see all the gadgets (sans cables) with the exception of the camera that I was using to take the photo.

If you want to follow my progress to Canada and back, I'll be twittering frequently.  You can follow me here.

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  1. wow, and I thought I was bad ;)you're such a gadget whore...awesome. Safe travels