Monday, June 29, 2009

A New Beginning

About a month ago I decided to take this week off of work. At the time, I thought that I just needed a week off to keep from going crazy. I didn’t have plans to go anywhere or do anything special, I just thought I’d enjoy the nice weather and the option to sleep in. A few days later, I was sorting through the files on my computer and realized that I had tons of half-written or unwritten pieces that needed to be finished. I immediately thought about my neglected blog and how those pieces should fill all the empty space there. I then decided to make my week off my writing/project week that would revive my blog and bring some kind of consistency to what is now

I came up with a plan and I’m going to share that plan with you so that you can hold me to it. Here we go:

I will post to three times a week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Each day will have its own theme. Monday will be an open post - I’ll post whatever I want that day. Experimental stuff, stories about my weekends, poetry, rants, whatever. Tuesdays will be “bit” days. I’ll post things like “Pros & Cons” and “What to do while…” and these things will probably rotate and recur for a while and eventually evolve into other bits over time. Thursdays will rotate between “Truth” and “Fiction” posts. “Truth” posts will be true stories from my life and “Fiction” posts will be made up stories.

Eventually, I will add Friday posts to the mix but I want to keep a consistent three day schedule for a while before I commit to more.

You may be thinking that I’ve added a little too much structure to the blog and that I’m making it harder than it needs to be. Obviously, I’ve thought about that, but I also know myself well enough that if I don’t impose some kind of structure and give my self a jumping-off point for writing each day I will struggle to keep on schedule. Of course, the structure isn’t set in stone (except for the three posts a week commitment) so things may (and probably will) change along the way. I also encourage all of you to post comments or email me your opinions on each of my posts. If there are things I’m doing that everyone hates, I’ll stop. If there are things I’m doing that everyone loves, I’ll do more. Let me know, you’ll help me improve.

Why am I doing this? The main reason is that I want to have a creative outlet for my writing. I enjoy writing and I love to see how people react to the things I write. Keeping to a schedule and giving myself a structure will force me to write consistently and work on different things. Do I want my blog to become super-popular and have thousands of readers? No, not really. If that happens, great. If not, I’ll settle for it being my creative outlet read by my friends and family.

By the way, all of this will start next Monday. I’m using this week to build up a backlog of content so that I don’t have to miss a post if my life gets too busy. I’m sure there will be more posts this week, but look for next Monday to be the beginning of the new

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