Monday, July 13, 2009

A Post From My Dog

Note: I found the following on my computer yesterday after waking up from a nap.  It appears that my dog, Ruthie, managed to type a little something up for everyone.  I’ve edited a bit to add punctuation so that it is more readable, otherwise it’s just as Ruthie typed it.

Hello I am ruthie.  I am jeff’s dog.  He is not here and he doesn’t know that I am using his computer.  He will say no if he sees me.  I don’t like when he says no.  That means he’s mad at me and he doesn’t pet me when he’s mad at me.  I like when he pets me.  What was I just talking about?  I had to go bark at the door because there was somoene out there.  I scared them away.  I’m in charge of the door even though jeff doesn’t like it when I protect the door.  He says no but I’m in charg of the door.  I have to protect my family even though I’m small.  I like the computer room because there is lots of sunshin.  I lay in the sunshin because it is warm.  I fall asleep in the sunshin.  Sometimes jeff will make the window give me more sunshin.  I like when he does that.  Sunshin is warm and it feels good.  It feels good when he rubs my belly.  I’m sad because dee went away.  I don’t know where she is and I don’t know if she is ever coming home.  I hope she comes hom.  She’s my favorit.  I follow her everywhere because I love her.  We nap on the couch together.  She likes to take me to the beach so I can smell all of the smells.  There are lots of smells there.  I’m good at finding smells.  Sometimes I find food but she doesn’t like it when I eat it.  It tastes good and smells like the food that jeff and dee eat.  They don’t let me have their food.  I have other food.  I like food.  I like treets, too.  I get treets when I do things.  I get a treet when I sit and when I wait on cars and when I don’t bark at other dogs.  I bark at other dogs because they scare me and I’m afraid they will hurt jeff or dee.  I have to protect them.  Jeff and dee don’t like when I bark at other dogs.  I just want to protect them because I love them.  They feed me and play with me.  Sometimes we play ball.  Jeff throws it and I chase it down the hall and bring it back to him and he throws it again and I bring it back to him and when I get tired I put the ball down and go drink water.  I get thirsty after playing ball.  Sometimes I’ll play with my rope, too.  I’ll pull on it and jeff will pull on it and I’ll shak it and he’ll pull and oh look there’s sunshin.  I want to go lay in the sunshin.


  1. it's just as i imagined :)

  2. Just catching up on some reading. This is hilarious. I think Mason's mind may be even smaller. Something like, I want to go outside. Play ball. I want to go outside. Play ball. I want to go outside. Play ball. Wait...SQUIRREL! Must chase it. I want to go outside. Play ball. I want to go outside. Play ball......

  3. Ruthie is way too lazy to want to go outside that much. She only likes to play ball when she's stressed out.