Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Updatery

In all the excitement of posting stories and bits and keeping up with my new self-imposed schedule, I’ve not provided many updates on my life.  Get ready, it’s time for some updates.

Foam Memory
Dee and I got a new bed.  It’s one of those fancy-schmancy memory foam mattresses.  It is awesome.  These past four days have been the most well-rested of my life.  It’s strange that they call it memory foam, though.  It doesn’t really remember anything.  I mean, I guess it remembers to always spring back to its flat, rectangular shape but it definitely doesn’t remember me.  It simply reacts to my weight and shape and gently caresses me to sleep.  I guess “reactive caressing foam” doesn’t have the same catchy ring.

pH and the New Space
My comedy theater company, pH Productions, has moved to a new theater space.  We’re now at 3110 N. Sheffield Ave — a place called Studio Be.  The folks that run the place are awesome and very excited to have us and we couldn’t be happier to be a resident theater in a space.  We’ve got 8 PM shows now!  Yes, pH is finally doing shows before your bedtime.

Last weekend we did our first shows in the new space.  At 8 o’clock we did pHrenzy and said goodbye to cast members Howie and Tracy who are moving to LA to pursue bigger dreams.  With lots of help from my wife and her awesome friends, the place was packed and the show went really well.  We also did a midnight show, but I wasn’t there as it was past my bedtime.

This weekend we did preview shows for waitstaff, concierges and VIPs.  We did short versions of pHrenzy and pHamily the Musical.  Another round of good shows and another good crowd.  It also helped that we had free food and drinks for the lucky patrons.

Check our website for our schedule for the rest of the month.  In August things should settle in and we’ll have a consistent schedule.  Look out for our Gala Night on August 15th.

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You
As part of my new schedule I’ve decided that I want to post a short video on the last Friday of every month.  I shot some video with my friend Micah a few weeks ago and I’ve been working with him to get it properly edited and ready for posting.  I’m still on track to get something posted by Friday.  I’d love to post a trailer for the video, but the video itself is shorter than most trailers.

Secret Agent Man
I recently had a medical examiner and an FBI Special Investigator in my house on the same day.  I’d tell you more about it except for the whole tell you/kill you thing.  That makes telling the story logistically unfeasible — especially since my guns only shoot Nerf® darts.

Five Guys, One Burger
Dee and I went to the Five Guys Burgers and Fries that recently opened in our neighborhood.  Delicious burgers.  Greasy, but good.  Plus, they put your order in a brown bag and then dump in a scoop of fries — even if you’ve already ordered fries.  I recommend you stop in — just don’t make it a habit or you’ll be the size of five guys.

Rock ‘n’ Roll
During my week off at the beginning of July I dropped by the Empty Bottle to see the White Rabbits on the recommendation of one of my coworkers.  It was a great show in an intimate venue.  They put together a very intense set and really played their guts out.  I loved it.  It was the first time I’d seen a live band in a while.  It was good to hear some live music again.  Check out this video for a sample of how they like to rock it out.  Also, the two lead singers are really short.

What’s Going On?
I wonder what a caveman thought was happening when he woke up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp.

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