Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What To Do While Waiting for the Rain to Pass in a Public Park

1) Do your best to look straight while huddling under a tiny umbrella with your buddy Micah.
2) Try not to look like a drug dealer.
3) Avoid eye contact with the creepy looking homeless guy.
4) Be glad you’re not walking the dog.
5) Try not to stare at the girl on the track wearing a white sports bra.
6) Hide under the nearby bleachers.
7) Briefly consider smoking because it will seem like you actually have a reason to be outside.
8) Talk the park staff into letting you hang out with them in their storage shed and then answer questions about your video equipment that make it sound like you’re doing something legitimate without making it sound like you’re actually doing something legitimate.
9) Question the direction your life.
10) Pretend that you think the rain has stopped so you have an excuse to go out and check because you don’t want to fart in this cramped, windowless space.

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