Thursday, September 03, 2009

Truth & Fiction: Four 50-word Stories

There are four stories below.  Two are true and two are fiction.  The first person to guess them all correctly gets a special feature story written about them or the winner can choose the topic that all three of my posts will be for a week -- whichever you like.  Leave your guesses in the comments.

"It's over," I said.

Crying, she handed me a story.  It was beautiful and touching, written from a place of true love.  She thought I had written it for her.  I didn't know the author.

How could she think something so beautiful had come from me? 

I am a monster.   

Thanksgiving with his ex-girlfriend's family sounded better than Thanksgiving alone. We could pretend to be happy one last time.

She ran to him at full speed and leapt into his arms. He realized his mistake. How do you explain to a two-year-old that you'll never see her again?

It was a black cat with white splotches on its face and paws.  She named him Boots.  I smiled when I saw how relaxed they both were when he sat in her lap and purred.  In the end, it was only he who got to stay.  I hate cats.

First Date
Feeling dehydrated and disoriented, I looked up from the toilet, wiping my mouth.  I opened the stall door.

She was looking at me in the mirror.  "Damn. I'm in the ladies room," I thought. 

"I think we'll be skipping the good night kiss," she said.


  1. thanksgiving and first date

  2. uh, are the true ones

  3. David Mason11:10 AM

    fiction, fiction, truth, truth

  4. Break up Truth (you are a monster) - Thanksgiving Fiction - Cats Truth - First Date Fiction

    You're just doing this to find out who reads your blog...

  5. There are better ways to find out who reads my blog...

    I just wanted to get some people commenting and, you know, give back.

    No winners yet.

  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    break-up t

    thanksgiving f

    cats f

    first date t


  7. good game Ford
    break up fiction
    thanksgiving truth
    cat truth
    first date fiction

  8. nothing is true; everything is permitted

  9. Truth.Fiction Fiction. Truth

  10. i know its not fair for me to i won't (but i did it in my head). jeff, do we have a winner yet?

  11. Still no winners. I've been surprised by the answers so far.

  12. Break-up & Thankgiving are True.
    Cats & First Date are False.

    Process of elimination. I'm a dirty cheater.

  13. Great game. I am a little pissed that Tom used my method while I was sleeping. I would like to know how the first date ends. Katie was just making some comments about how there are no real truths in this world; everything is perception. She also says that just because it doesn't happen to you, doesn't mean its not true. What are they teaching these kids at ISU?