Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What To Do While Being Assaulted by a Cadre of of Wedding Photographers

1) Tell them you had your moment during “Billie Jean” and that everyone else can do “Thriller.”
2) Give them the finger so none of their photos are usable.
3) Fake an ankle sprain.
4) Run like you’re being attacked by a bear.
5) Pretend you don’t know they want you do to the “Thriller” dance, look into the video camera and start congratulating the couple.
6) Stare intently at your phone and pretend you don’t see them swarming around you.
7) Turn into an actual zombie.
8) Start flipping tables and throwing chairs. (This can also be done in conjunction with #7)
9) Grab the nearest napkin, sign your autograph and hand it to them.
10) Just give in and do the damn “Thriller” dance like the monkey you are.


  1. I'm so glad you did do the Billy Jean dance and gave me your autograph on a napkin too!

  2. I'm glad someone enjoyed it besides me.