Monday, November 16, 2009

I've Found My Family, Thankyouverymuch

I saw an ad for a new TV show called “Find My Family.”  Based on the preview, I’ve surmised that this show attempts to reunite adoptees with their biological parents.  I’m sure this show will be right up there with “Extreme Home Makeover” on the crying scale.  However, I have a problem with this show.  As someone who is adopted, I don’t like the name of the show.  You see, I’ve already found my family.  In fact, I found them the day I was born.  By name, my family is David Ford, Joyce Ford, and Matthew, Andrew and Kelly Ford.  The people who adopted me are my family, and I know exactly where to find them.

I need help finding my biological parents.  They are not my family.  Sure, they are my parents but they are not my family.  Family is more than just people who gave you life.  Your family is the people who have been with you through everything you’ve experienced.  You don’t need a TV show to find them.  You know exactly where they are — for better or worse.

Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate what my biological parents did for me.  They had a choice.  They chose nine months of inconvenience so that I could have a home — so that I could live.  They’re just not my family.  That’s another sacrifice they made (assuming that being my parents is desirable).  Maybe someday they could be a part of my life and they would certainly occupy a special place, but they wouldn’t replace my family.

Of course, I understand that “Find My DNA Donors” is not nearly as catchy as “Find My Family” but I thought someone on the adopted side of the coin should mention that they’re not really finding anyone’s family on that show.

I love you Mom and Dad and Matt, Drew and Kelly.


  1. And we love you, Jeff! Thanks to your DNA Donors for giving you life and your family for adopting you and making you the man we all love and are proud to call our friend!

  2. Kelly (Ford) Konzel2:40 PM

    I love you too! My eyes are watering, just like that time you tricked me into eating dog food.

  3. I did that because I love, Kelly. Actually, I did that because I didn't think there was any way you'd actually do it.

  4. great post. my eyes are watering too kelly. what a great family you have. i am proud to say i am a ford.