Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Can't Fool Me, Microsoft

What if I went to my boss and said, "Remember how I haven't done anything you wanted for the last ten years?  Remember how I never even tried to change all of the things you asked me to change?  Well, isn't it great that I've finally changed the way I work so I finally do all those things that I should have always been doing?  I want more money."

My boss would laugh me out of the room.  In fact, it would be shocking that he put up with me for so long.  Ridiculous, right?

Well, that's exactly what Microsoft is doing with its Windows 7 ads.  Those ads open with someone dreaming about something really simple that their PC should do and then go on to tell you how Windows 7 now does that really simple thing that everyone knows it should have done all along.  The sad thing is that it's going to work.  They'll sell millions of copies of their operating system because PCs are cheap and they all come with Windows.  Most people don't give a shit that Microsoft is comparing these great new computers with their new software to those crappy older computers running the old version of their software.

I wish my boss was that dumb.

Look at What I Did!
Last month I wrote a little skit and it ended up on the Kmart website.  Pretty awesome, huh?  If you want to see it, go to and click on “North Pole” and then “Sounds of Santa’s Workshop.”  Audio will start playing.  You may have to listen to a few before you get to mine — it’s the one about saws.


  1. Nice work on the K-mart thing; it's really funny. It reminded me of your seeing video from a couple of months ago. I just double checked though...not the same. Congrats on hitting the big time!

  2. Thanks, man. I've written a couple other like that. I'll eventually get them recorded and up on the blog.