Monday, January 25, 2010

Travels and Travelers

I'm not a big traveler.  I would say I'm more of a medium-size traveler.  I fit in Coach, but not comfortably.  I don't encroach upon other's seats with my girth.  My bags fit neatly in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of me.  I don't push my limits.

I also don't travel frequently.

A couple times a year I jet off to some place for five or six days.  Mostly for work, sometimes for fun. (I used "fun" instead of "pleasure" because "pleasure" makes it sound like I'm on some sort of sexcapade.  Not that sexcapades are bad.  It's just that my trips are so much more than that.)  This time I'm out in California for work.  The weather has be rainy and coldish, but that hasn't much mattered since I've been in the office the whole time.  I'd go into detail about the work I'm doing but it involves routers and switches and circuits and you're tuning out already, aren't you?

Instead I'll tell you about my flight.  First, four hours is way too long to be jammed between two over sized ladies that both sing along to the music in their headphones.  Thankfully, I have noise cancelling headphones.  These came in handy on several occasions.  First, it drowned out their singing and later it served as a sufficient excuse for me to ignore the lady by the window when she was trying to start a conversation.  I wasn't able to avoid her the whole flight, unfortunately.  When I removed my headphones she pointed to my Kindle and said, "Is that a book?"

I replied, "Yes.  Kind of.  I can download multiple books to this."

"Is that for school?"

"No.  It's for personal use," I said.

"Do they give them out at your school?"

"No.  I don't go to school.  I haven't been in school in over ten years."

"Oh, I thought you were a college student," she said.

 I suppose this would be flattering if I was one of those women who try way too hard to look younger than they are, but I just thought she was an idiot.  How had she been sitting beside me for four hours and not noticed my gray hair or grumpy old man attitude?  Frankly, it was disrespectful.  I had taken the time to notice that she was fat and annoying.  The least she could do was notice superficial things about me and make value judgments.

I thought society was making progress.  I guess I was wrong.

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