Monday, January 04, 2010

The Year of the Board Game

Welcome to 2010.  I hope you got everything you wanted out of 2009, but based on Facebook, Twitter and blog updates it doesn’t seem like anyone did.  Let’s not spend 2010 tearing down 2009, though.  That’s not what 2010 is for.  2010 will clearly be the year of the board game.  Get your board games now before they’re all sold out.  Trust me on this one.

You still seem skeptical.  I thought we had built some trust, but I’ll explain anyway.  Much like Y2K, the year 2010 is not properly accounted for within the majority of our communications systems.  Fortunately, we still have some time before the shit hits the fan as the systems won’t freak out until 02/10/2010.  Basically, Microsoft’s auto-correct will think that you’re trying to type 2010 and assume you accidentally typed it incorrectly the first time and then typed it again.  It will then do its annoying auto-correct thing.  All of the world’s communications systems will crash as a result.

You’ll have nothing to do but play board games.


  1. I am all for that!

  2. I really like board games! Taboo is my favorite but A to Z, Balderdash, Scategories, and many more are in my top 10 list- bring on the crash. It might help me refocus away from my computer addiction~Katie

  3. I'd like to recommend The Settlers of Catan.

  4. I've heard good things about The Settlers of Catan. Dee and I will have to try it.