Monday, March 22, 2010

Fame and Your Top 5

Everyone has their “Top 5” list of people that they can sleep with without repercussion from their spouse or significant other.  Dee and I have our lists and you can see them over on Schadenfreude (link to be provided when published).  Of course, it’s all hypothetical since most people won’t ever have the chance to sleep — or even meet — the people on their list.

What happens when you get famous?

Suddenly, you start meeting those people that were on your list.  “Oh, hello Heidi Klum.  You’re number two on my list.”  Then she gets all creeped out and Seal gets pissed and threatens you with his magic face and you have to get your new tail amputated. 

Do the lists just go out the window?  Having sex with those people is much more realistic.  Does your list have to change based on the level of your celebrity?  If I have Olivia Munn on my list and then attain the same level of fame as her, do I have to drop her off?  Or do I become less interested in those people because their celebrity doesn’t have the same draw and I’ve already got a ton of hot women knocking at my door?

Also, isn’t it more likely that Seal would use his magic face to give you whiskers instead of a tail?

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  1. What is this Five, we only have three. Looks like Joe Important and I need to have a chat!