Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Here's the Thing...

…if you’re not going to let someone on the plane with a one inch pocket knife, you shouldn’t let someone on the plane with eight inch knitting needles.

…if you’re going to wear an ill-fitting bathing suit at the very least you need to make sure you are well groomed.

…people don’t stand around in long lines for no reason.  You are not special.  Get in line.

…based on peoples’ inability to follow instructions, I’m amazed any plane ever gets off the ground.

…Not only are the Oscars boring, they are completely pointless.  Who cares?  Does it change how much you liked the movie?


  1. I must be the worst movie critic in the world. It seems like every year I have seen the Best Picture, I don't really like it. I saw the Hurt Locker and guess what...it's about bomb difusing soldiers. The acting isn't even that great and the story line is limited by the tremendously long bomb difusing scenes. A big disappointment.


  2. Aren't we all our own best movie critics? Only you know if you like it and it should only matter to you that you like it. That's why the Oscars are dumb.