Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top 5 Lists

Hey everybody!  Welcome to my 500th post!  Like the new look?  This is the only post in which I’ll allow myself to use exclamation marks!  Except for maybe my thousandth post.  However, I expect my thousandth post to be much more subdued.  I’ll be old and tired by then.  Anyway, do you remember way back when I posted about Top 5 lists?  You know, way back on Monday?  I promised you a link to the Top 5 lists that my wife and I made.  Well, here they are.

My Wife’s Top 5 List:
1) Matt Damon
2) Justin Timberlake
3) David Beckham
4) Ryan Reynolds
5) Channing Tatum

My Top 5 List:
1) The babysitter.
2) Our next door neighbor.
3) Any of our son’s or daughter’s friends.
4) My secretary.
5) Angelina Jolie.


  1. I tried to put the girl that delivers flowers for the local shop on my list, and Katie vetoed it. How priceless would that be? "Honey, I bought you some flowers, and look who brought them to our door!"

  2. This does pose some interesting questions...why do women always want the unattainable? Are men REALLY satisfied with the reality they fantasize about once they get it...